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Explore rural Japan with BAKKE in Tome, Tohoku


This area is far from the capital, Tokyo, and was far from the ancient capital of Japan, Kyoto.
This created unique customs and cultures here under the feudal government of Sendai Han during Edo Era.
Tome City was born in 2005 by fusion of 9 adjacent towns, which had become respectively towns by fusion of villages.
So, Tome City could be called an aggregate of numerous villages.
The local people passed down their cultures generations after generations.
And they love their area and their cultures.
BAKKE believes that all the things conserved here are precious and deserve special attention from all travelers interested in Japanese rural tradition and life.


The people follow traditional customs and practices, sometimes without even knowing why they do so. Here remain the things that many of modern cities have lost.
Festivals, performing arts, fields, life in harmony with natural world; all remain intact.


The nature observed here in Tome is not what we imagine from the word “nature”.
What we see here is the nature conserved in harmony with human activities.
There is a variety of waterfowl birds, wild flowers and vegetables, insects; they are all in the reach of your hands.


Tome is well known its quality as well as quantity of rice production and a lot of beef produced in Tome is on the market with the Brand of Sendai Beef with top quality grade.
The vegetables from the neighborhood fields and the fish from Pacific Ocean are fresh and delicious.
Enjoy also local traditional dishes such as Hattojiru and mochi with a variety of sauces.


Tome City, or Tome-shi is located in Miyagi Prefecture, bordered by Iwate Prefecture to the north.
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