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At Iyashitei, you can have everything from a unique bath to a meal
Iyashitei is just across the river.
Just behind Ottobatake House, you find the backside of Iyashite. Walk across the river and go on the right around the house.
Iyashitei main entrance
This is the entrance of Iyashitei facing the route 346.
At Iyashitei, you can also use the following services:
  • Take a Gambanyoku 
  • Price : ¥1,300  (Towels and bathing suits are included)
  • Special price on the second and the fourth Thursday of the month:  ¥900 instead of ¥1,300
  • Gender segregated
  • Buy light meals and drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic). English menu available in Ottobatake.
  • Take a shower: if you are not happy with low-pressure shower in Ottobatake, this is an alternative option (free for those who stay at Ottobatake).
  • Have a dinner party:  Reservation necessary.
  • Price: from ¥3,000. Drinks are served at an extra charge.
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