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Taking a hot bath should be one of the Japanese people’s favorite hobbies.

It is not definitely a mere action of cleaning one’s body. It is not definitely a private action performed in one’s house.

This place is a locals’ favorite after hard working days, or just for having relaxing time with their family. Pachinko (another Nation’s popular entertainment) is just next door to this public bath facility. By this fact, we can safely assume that taking a bath is nation’s very popular entertainment.


After going through an entrance, you are welcomed by Shoe boxes where you keep your shoes. You lock your shoe box using a coin of 100 yens, which will be given back to you when you retrieve your shoes. Then you go to the counter where you receive a key for a locker. You decide which course to take from three options; only a bath, a bath and a meal, or a bath and a drink. After that, you are free to do whatever you want to do in this facility.


Thousands of Manga books are on the shelves and there are also free Wi-Fi, electric massaging chairs, television sets, places to take a nap and a restaurant-café inside of the building. We could describe this place as a combination of Manga Café and Onsen. Or what else…?

Onsen or Hokkoriyu?

This is an ultimate choice one should make.



In the “Bathroom”, there are five kinds of bath pools; pool of hot (too hot?) water, pool of cold water, pool of highly carbonated water, pool of water with micro bubbles which give a white color to the water and an “electric bath pool” where, in fact, a slight electric current is flowed. There are even open-air baths.




Locals spend a day or an evening here, taking a bath after a bath, reading mangas in-between, eating, chatting, even taking a nap. This is one of the modern Japanese favorite ways of enjoying a day off; much cheaper than an overnight trip to real Onsen.


On week days, there is a special pricing;

1,000 yens  (bath and a noodle dish included)

1,200 yens  (bath and a whole meal included)

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