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Immerge in the nostalgia of Obon festival

Pray for ancestors
on Esashi Summer Festival

Very nostalgic Bon festival.
On the last day of Bon, people say good-by to the spirits of their ancestors leaving to the world where they are now belonging to.

Here in Esashi, a group of men (nowadays some women too) wearing a very unique costume including a mask of imaginary animal (lion with deer’s corns) dance and chant a sutra in front of the ihai (a piece of wooden panel with the Buddhist name of dead people).

In the evening, small boats made by people of the district are thrown onto the river and float down slowly. People say good-by to the boats lit with a candle fire. Numerous lights look like to float down the stream toward another world.

August 16th
80 minutes by car from BAKKE's Otobatake House

Day trip

BAKKE's suggestion is to combine a visit of Shoboji temple and this special festival.
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