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Experience Buddhist monk trainee's life

Try a tiny version of training before you decide to become a Buddhist priest
Experience a mini-version of the Buddhist ascetic training life in 5-hour visit at Daijiji Temple. 
Daijiji is the 14th temple of the “33 Kannon temples of Oshu” (literal translation would be “33 temples enshrining Guanyin statues in North –east of Japan) and greet with the priest of 29th generation of the temple.
He will guide you into a mini-experience of Buddhist training of 5 hours, but this experience version is not really ascetic or strict. It’s good to know that Guanyin is known as the Goddess of Mercy.

Your training session starts with the visit to the Kannon (=Guanyin) statue residing in a main hall decorated with golden ornaments, and proceeds with Zazen of 15 minutes (or longer if you wish). In Soto Branch to which Daijiji Temple belongs, monk trainees are told to think of nothing and keep their head empty and blank. Shinko, the monk, says “it’s impossible to make your head completely blank. Just try not to pursue the idea that occurred in your head or heart, but let it pass”

And then you will prepare your own Lenten lunch (vegetarian food), which is considered as an important part of the training. After lunch you will have the last part of training; “hand-copying of Sutras”. It might sound very difficult for those who have never hold a brush and write Kanji. But it is not.
“Copying” is in fact tracing the letters printed in dilute ink.
The guide will assist you and teach you how to write in proper fashion.

Then, you will be guided to a visit of Temple’s buildings and grounds so that you can breathe country side peaceful air.

Your Buddhist day comes to the end and you will receive Goshuin paper written by the priest himself.


10:00 Greeting
10:15 Visit Guanyin statue
10:30 Zazen
11:00 Lunch preparation
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Sutra Copy
14:00 Walk in temple grounds
14:30 Receive Goshuin
15:00 End of tour
Copy Sutra with  your prayers in your quiet mind
Take a walk in the quiet garden of the temple
Period All year
Duration 5 hours
Price ¥6,000 per person
Place Dijiji temple in Yonekawa
Other All the materials are provided
Free transportation for BAKKE Ottobatake Guests.
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