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soak up the countryside

Why with BAKKE ?
We are offering an old farm house with a perfect Japanese retro style .
Local Travel Agency
We can arrange day trips or activities according to how you would like to explore the region.
Pick-up Service
When you stay at our farm house for more than 2 nights, we offer you a pick-up/drop off service at either JR station or bus stop. 
Bicycle Rental
High-spec bikes are available for free for the guests staying at our farm house.
TOME in Miyagi Prefecture should certainly be one of the least visited places in Japan.
It doesn't mean, however,  that this area is not worth visiting. 

BAKKhelps you explore this very rural area which doesn't appear in any guidebook. 

BAKKE location on the map


Sendai is the gateway city to Tome, while there are some other options depending on your itinerary planning.
Sendai Airport is the nearest airport and Kurikomakogen is the nearest JR Shinkansen Station to Tome City.
Shinkansen train from Tokyo
Rent a car at Kurikomakogen or Ichinoseki station on JR Tohoku Shinkansen Line.
Or use our pick-up service.

Bus from Sendai Station
Take a local highway bus at a bus stop in front of Sendai Station to Tomeshiyakushomae. 
Use pick-up service.
About 1.5 h.

Car from Sendai Airport
Rent a car at the Airport. This is the simplest way to get to Tome and explore the region.
About 1.5 h. 

BAKKE is offering an old farm house, which would remind you "My Neighbor Totoro".  This house is a perfect base for either a relaxing vacation or an active tourism. 
What to experience?

Enjoy Cherry blossoms in the countryside   

April 15 - 30

Hike up to the mountain summit

All year
rental bicycles BAKKE

Cycle around with a high-spec bicycle

All year

Participate in a local village festival

All year
Radishes hung to dry in the sun in Yonekawa , Tome, Japan

Discover local way of life

All year
Izunuma, Uchinuma and Naganuma are covered by lotus flowers in August.

Cruise among lotus flowers


Visit the remains of Hidden Christians 

All year

Experience Japanese traditional way of farming

April to October

Try YUKATA in purely Japanese atmosphere

April to October

Enjoy Japanese retro games

All year
Straw men of Yonekawa Mizukaburi

Witness an unique festival, UNESCO Cultural heritage

February 9th, 2020

Experience Japanese syncretism in the life 

All year
Ready for your countryside adventure?
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