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Explore rural Japan with BAKKE in Tome, Tohoku

welcome to rural japan

Ordinary. Just an ordinary village in a hilly area of Tohoku, Japan.
Such an ordinary way of life forgotten somewhere in the mountains.
Travelers easily overlook this precious way of life, lived in harmony with the natural world. 
Traditions and rituals have been passed down from generation to generation.
History? Yes, maybe. The history of ordinary life is here.


BAKKE offers you an accommodation.
You will stay in one of our old traditional houses with essential Japanese elements such as Tatami, Kotatsu, or paper doors.
You immerse yourself in a village life inside of the house as well as in the rural surroundings.
You have a plenty of activities. Just choose what you want to do and have your own rural experiences.


BAKKE helps travelers who want to have special experiences.
We introduce you to some spots which you won’t find described in any guidebook... yet!
We offer you an opportunity to experience seasonal local activities and events which you won’t have an access without a local.


BAKKE helps you explore in the countryside, even if you don’t have a car.
We offer you pick-up/drop-off service from/to the nearest station or Highway bus stop.
We offer tours with an English speaking guide and organize programs allowing you to participate in special events.
There is also a bicycle rental service for those who want to explore the countryside by themselves.

Discover our activities

Old Buddhist Bell at Daijiji, Yonekawa

Experience Buddhist Monk's Life

Bikes ready for a ride

Take a Bike and Cycle around

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BAKKE operates in a rural area of Tome City, Miyagi Prefecture. 


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